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Welcome To Trust Restoration Inc.

The name “Trust” in our company name comes from the being able to handle each client with complete honesty from the moment the job has started until the job is finished, with personal attention to cater to your every need. Our licensed company has been servicing Residential and Commercial locations professionally since 1997 with passion and expertise. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with Workers Compensation while also being a certified member of the Indoor Quality Bureau. 


Insurance Claims

We work with most insurance claims and send the bill straight to your insurance company to make it easier for you. It is very simple to handle your damage with the insurance company. To find out more information along with friendly personalized advice, call us today at (866)468-7987.



On Duty 24 Hours

All of our bragging rights have been earned throughout the years of the excellent service that we provide. We are on call 24 hours and expect us at your location within one hour from the moment you made your first call.


Our Specialties

Our specialty here at Trust Restoration Inc. consists of Water Damage Repair, Mold Removal and Remediation, and Fire Damage Cleanup and Smoke Damage Restoration. The most important aspect that we focus on is the safety of the environment, whether inside or outside your home.
Water Damage Repairs are something that happen frequently, and can be stopped before the disaster occurs. If you have a situation where water has found its way through your location then let us have a highly trained and experienced technician come and inspect your area before the situation gets worse. Most importantly, with our technicians developing a restoration plan you will be back in a normal environment very quickly and you will be grateful at the expertise in workmanship that we have to offer when restoring your home.
Mold contamination is very much a common occurrence where ever there is an area with water damage. This is also a proven serious health risk whereas removal of the mold is a necessity. It is imperative to conduct a visual examination of the area and its surroundings to evaluate how critical the water damage really is. If you even suspect any sort of water damage soon to occur or has occurred, please contact us immediately at (866)468-7987.
If in any case a fire has happened, there will be damage that can cause further health risks. We conduct thorough soot cleanup and remove all acidic damaged materials. With every fire, there is always an odor that we must remove and maintain the quality and control of the air to normalize living standards once again. No matter what happens to the inside or outside of your location, please contact us direct for a free quote along with the perfect solutions to your problems.


The Restoration Process

It is very important to know that a big part of the restoration process consists of our trained and certified professionals restoring your home; removing contaminated wall and putting up new drywall, painting the surface with matching colors, and making it look just the way it was before the damage was done. From your kitchen, bathroom, to any area of your home, we will make sure that the damage is completely removed and restructure your area as needed, even if construction is needed to be done.


Other Services

The other services that we offer are carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, and air duct cleaning. If any of these services look as though they might apply to you, call us today for a bundle package deal at (866)468-7987.



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